Photo by Fay Hauser-Price

Photo by Fay Hauser-Price

THE STORIES BEHIND YOUR STORY (Grade 8+) We all have stories inside us. But sometimes it's difficult for the young (and not-so-young for that matter) to articulate them. This reading/ writing/storytelling workshop will teach students how to shape a three to five-minute story through examples (including a story from Fish Out Of Agua), along with prompts and exercises, culminating in each student reading their story aloud and a takeaway suggested reading list for further inspiration. 

FISH OUT OF AGUA (Grade 8+) Can support a class teaching Fish Out Of Agua or be tailored as a standalone reading/discussion for a school's Hispanic Heritage, Women's Studies, Latino Leadership or Diversity programs. A short reading from the book will be followed by an artist's talk, Q & A and discussion on the realities—and rewards—of choosing a life with the arts. 

THE ART IN YOUR HEART (Grade 8+) Is being an artist a viable life choice for city youth, youth of color—or anyone for that matter? This presentation will uncover the pros and cons of choosing a life in the arts through mapping exercises and the breaking of stereotypes, along with insights from life-learned lessons, the importance of craft and survival techniques, and the relevance of art to a tech-obsessed world, shared in a memorable and moving way, including balancing a day (rent) job with a life (art) job


THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD (55 mins) Four stories. Two centuries. One neighborhood. A solo theatrical show about the effects of gentrification on four inhabitants of the same Brooklyn neighborhood one of whom the polar bear who just may have been the trigger for it all. Can be a standalone performance or used as a springboard for a panel or workshop. 

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