Michele Carlo a.k.a. @Michele_asShell is the redhead with 8,000,000 stories about New York City. She is a native New Yorker, a Nuyorican and an author/performer who has appeared across the U.S., including the MOTH's GrandSlams and Mainstage in N.Y.C. and on NPR with Latino U.S.A. Her debut book, the memoir Fish Out Of Agua: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks, was published by Citadel/Kensington. 

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My very first newspaper article at Chelsea Now! 

On Julie Threlkeld's Modern Stories Mix Ep. 21   

On Vanessa Valerio's Episode 12 of Singleing "Lost In Translation." 

"Garlic on Trial," a short film shown at the 2016 Sparrow and Coney Island Film Festivals. Written by Michele Carlo in collaboration with artist/cinematographer Last-Up Larry.




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Illustration: Rick Parker

Illustration: Rick Parker

I Wrote a Book!

Fish Out Of Agua:
My Life On Neither Side Of
The (Subway) Tracks

a memoir by Michele Carlo. Many of these stories were first told at The Moth's StorySlams.